Utah Tech University


To access your regular reports through Argos, please log into your my.utahtech.edu account. You should now have a Reports tab on the main navigation bar. For a quick tutorial, click that Reports tab.

You can see the links are similar to the options in the Public folder of Crystal Reports. Click Budget Reports.

Notice there is a play button next to Active Account Codes. Since this report does not require any user input, it will generate a PDF report as soon as you click the link. The other reports all require user input, so if you click one of those links it will bring you to a form with fields similar to Crystal. Click Budget Balances.

A few tips:

  • If you leave the Start Date and End Date fields blank they will default to the full fiscal year
    (Jul 01 – Jun 30).
  • You can select multiple codes or budget administrators by holding down the Ctrl key.
  • If you don’t care about one of the fields, click the checkbox for All Codes. For example, if you don’t
    want to select any Organization Codes, click All Organization Codes.

Click “Download Report” once you finish selecting the information you need. It will generate a PDF report, then give you the choice to open or save the file. Choose whichever option you need.

That’s it! If you have any questions or if for some reason you do not see the Reports tab in myUT, please put in a help ticket at help.utahtech.edu. Select Browse Service Catalog – Select ACCOUNTS/EMAIL/PASSWORDS – BANNER​ – Report a Problem.

Scheduled Reports

If you have a report you run on a regular basis (every Monday, once or twice a month, etc) please put in a help ticket at help.utahtech.edu and they can set up a scheduled report for you! Please add this to your ticket request:

  • The report you need to run
  • The exact information you select (index codes, account code range, budget administrators, etc)
  • When you want the report to run
  • The email address(es) that should receive the report