The Travel Office is part of Business Services at Utah Tech University. Sherri Phillips at extension 7614 is our travel specialist.  Please review the Travel, Meals, Entertainment and Relocation Policy 223 and the International Travel Policy 224 which were both approved in April, 2016 and contain many changes.

Request for Travel Authorization

Submit this completed form at least 5 business days prior to your trip (30 days for international travel). The Request for Travel Authorization Sample is used to prepare a budget for your trip, obtain approval to be gone, and designate the index code(s) which will be charged for the trip expenses. The form has a pre-printed number in the upper right corner and is available in Purchasing Services. All expenses relating to a trip will refer back to this number. Pre-trip payments may be made by the University if requested on the Travel Authorization form. If your trip will exceed 5 consecutive business days, please complete the Extended Travel Permission Form

Airfare – All air reservations may be made online or through a travel agency. The State of Utah Travel Office at 800-367-3230 is a good choice if you prefer to use an agency. State Travel has a UT credit card on file. State Travel will need your TA number to book your flight and will charge the UT credit card. Purchasing will bill your index code(s) approximately 10 to 30 days after your ticket is booked. Our contacts at State Travel are Merrilee Rease at 801-327-7654, or Lanea Blosser at 801-327-7653,

Vehicles – The rules relating to vehicles used for University business trips are rather involved. Please read Policy 223, Section 4.9.1 – 4.9.6 very carefully. Following are some tips to help you prepare for your trip.

  • If you are taking your personal vehicle, you will be reimbursed based on the current Mileage Rates For Vehicles information. Please refer to the Roundtrip Mileage for Personal Vehicles Reimbursement document for more information. A Personal Vehicle Mileage Form will be required if your mileage claimed exceeds round trip mileage (based on online mapping tools) plus more than 20 miles per day. Please note that your personal insurance covers you when you are using a personal vehicle for University travel. There is no state coverage for privately-owned vehicles. You should never drive a personal vehicle on University business if you do not have it insured.
  • If you would like to drive a UT fleet vehicle, please call Tamara Gentry in Facilities Management at extension 7566 to make your reservation. Your department index code(s) will be charged after you return from your trip. Facilities will need a copy of your approved TA prior to your departure. There are gas credit cards in UT fleet vehicles for your use. Visit with Tamara about them, especially if you’re traveling out of state. It is mandatory to take the Defensive Driving course before driving any UT vehicle. Facilities has information on this course. Spouses are allowed to accompany you in UT vehicles, but are not allowed to drive them. Minor children are not allowed to travel in UT vehicles. If you’re taking your children, please take your own vehicle.
  • If you would like to reserve a UT bus, please fill out the bus request form with your approved TA# and contact Dave McKelleb at extension 2053.
  • Please refer to the Mileage Rates For Vehicles form for current rates for UT vehicles.
  • Rental Vehicles – When you need a rental car, either in St. George or out of town, make the reservations through the State of Utah Travel Office at 801-538-3350 or toll free at 866-489-9834 to take advantage of state contract rates. Anyone there can help you. You may also make your state contract reservations online at by entering the code XZ47075 in the “Promotion Code or Account Number” box. You must take the Defensive Driving course before you rent a vehicle for business. Call Tamara at extension 7566 for more info. If you are able to get a state contract reservation, insurance is included in the rate. If you are not using a state contract when you rent a vehicle, you must purchase liability insurance with limits (100,000/300,000/25,000) and full Collision Damage Waiver coverage. This matches the coverage we have on state contract rentals and meets with the approval of the State Risk Management Department. You, as the UT employee, are the only authorized driver. When renting vehicles, you must have a credit card for payment.

Meals – may be handled in several ways including daily meal per diem or itemized receipts, and you may switch from one to the other option each day you’re traveling. The Meal Allowance guide will provide more information on current per diem rates and meal allowances. The per diem rate includes tips, and no receipts are necessary. You are allowed to claim per diem even if your conference or host provides some meals. Please include meal per diem amounts only for those meals each day where you are away from St. George. Refer to the Meal Time of Day Guidelines to determine meal per diem eligibility. Should you have a meal while traveling which includes individuals who are not from UT, you will need to complete the Business and Guest Meals form and attach it to your Travel Claim. If you are traveling with a UT group and choose to give the group members cash for meals, your will need to complete the Group Travel Meal Receipt form and attach it to your Travel Claim.

Travel Advances – Available for group travel only. If you are traveling with an academic or athletic group of students, you may ask for a travel advance for part or all of the trip expenses. Please note that we need a minimum of 5 working days to process a travel advance. If you need an advance, please fill out the Travel Advance Request form and attach it to your Travel Authorization when it is submitted to the Travel Office.

Pre-Trip Payments – We are happy to send your conference registration fee or other pre-trip payments if you would like. Fill in the name of the entity we are to send the check to, as well as the amount, in the Pre-Trip Payment Request box. Attach an itemized invoice or registration form to your TA to serve as backup for this prepayment, and we’ll send the check for you. It is best not to prepay hotels with a check. Occasionally, the checks are lost or applied to a hotel reservation incorrectly, and you arrive to find that the hotel does not show the prepayment. Please use your personal credit card or a UT Travel Credit Card to reserve and pay for hotel rooms.

Approvals – Please be sure to obtain the appropriate signatures on the Travel Authorization. See the policy on International Travel for more information on additional approvals and protocols required.

Travel Reimbursement Claim

After you return from your trip, complete a Travel Reimbursement Claim form. This must be done within 15 days of your return. If your trip is late in the fiscal year, please file your claim immediately.

If a UT fleet vehicle or UT bus was used, the appropriate amount will be billed to your index code(s) later. There is no need for you to record the amount on the Travel Reimbursement Claim form. For all other expense types, fill in the actual cost. If UT has already paid for any of your expenses prior to the trip, put an “X” in the prepaid box directly to the right of the expense amount.

For private vehicle use, enter the miles traveled, the current private vehicle mileage rate, and the amount owed to you.

Attach the original itemized hotel folio(s), or enter the amount allowed for staying at a private residence ($20 per night) in the box entitled “Lodging.”

If you have chosen to use a meal per diem, simply fill out that part of the form using the current meal per diem amounts (see Meal Allowance guide above.) If you have a receipt for a business meal with others, you will need to complete the Business and Guest Meals form to document the business purpose of that meal, and identify the attendees. This form is not necessary for athletic team travel or meals for an academic group where only the UT group members are involved.

Original receipts are required for all trip expenses except small gratuities, personal mileage, meal per diem, private residence stays, and miscellaneous expenses under ten dollars.

The Travel Reimbursement Claim must be signed by your supervisor as well as the budget administrator over the index code(s) being charged for your trip. Please forward your completed claim form to the Travel Office.

If there was a travel advance for your trip and you did not use all the advance money, we will send you a Travel Advance Invoice for Repayment for the remaining balance. Please do not go to the Cashier’s Office without the invoice.

If the University owes you money, it will be deposited into your checking account by the Accounts Payable Department.